Corporate Law

Our corporate division is made up of seasoned attorney veterans.  Our attorneys have seen a variety of corporate situations and done a lot for corporations.  We focus our attention on fixing corporate problems and reorganizing troubled corporations.  We know what it takes to keep a corporation healthy and sustainable and use that knowledge to build and grow new corporations.  Finally, we help corporations collect the money that keeps the corporations in business.

TPLO is all things corporate and our specific services are listed below:  

General Corporations Services: TPLO provides general services of drafting incorporation paperwork, filing for incorporation, operating and shareholder agreements, vendor contracts, independent contractor contracts and everyday needs that might be unique to your business.

Entrepreneur and Upstart Strategies and Plans:  TPLO helps entrepreneurs and new upstart businesses with getting their ideas off the ground.  TPLO provides business plans, investor contracts and all the services necessary to allow an entrepreneur or upstart company to start the business and keep it going.

Corporate Reorganizations:  TPLO provides reorganization plans for both small and large businesses.  TPLO reviews corporate structure, debt and income and designs a plan to allow businesses to reorganize and become more effective to ensure that the corporation continues to perform and stay open. We also provide legal services for assignment for the benefit of creditors.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganizations:  TPLO is a full service Chapter 11 firm.  TPLO provides Debtor-corporation representation as well as Creditor rights.  Our jurisdictions include being able to represent both Debtors and Creditors in United States Bankruptcy Court.  TPLO will enter into contracted counsel relationships with current corporate counsels.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Corporate Wind up:  TPLO is a full service Chapter 7 firm.  TPLO provides corporations the ability to execute the wind up of a corporation through the Chapter 7 process.

Bankruptcy Corporate Asset Sell:  TPLO has handled several corporate asset sales from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 case in bankruptcy court.

White Collar Crime Defense:  TPLO provides defense for criminal charges pertaining to corporate settings and allegations.  TPLO represents individuals in both Federal courts as well as in Adversary Proceeding cases in Bankruptcy courts.

Creditor Collections:  TPLO represents corporate creditors in collections for accounts receivables, vendors, and other corporations.  TPLO represents corporate landlords with corporate commercial leases.