What is a Chapter 7?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is gets rid of debt quickly and the cheapest way to do so. Got too much debt owed to credit cards or bank loans and simply cannot make the monthly payments to pay your rent, utilities or even have money to eat, it is time to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  A Chapter 7 case will get rid of all debt and allow you to only focus on paying important expenses like rent, mortgage payments, utilities, insurances, car loans, cell phones and that is it.  No more money dilemnia of deciding to pay a monthly payment due to a credit card or your rent.  You can be free to just live a normal life with no more stress, no more phone calls because your late or having no money for food because you paid your creditor card payment.  You will be able to use your money for what is important which is taking care of you and your needs.

A Chapter 7 case only gets rid of debt it does not take your assets, does not kill your credit and it does not mean that you never will be able to loans or credit cards in the future.  To file a Chapter 7 case, you do need to meet certain legal requirements and if you do, you will not lose your assets, will improve your credit and you will build your credit for your future.  A Chapter 7 case is a really good way to get your life back and your credit back.