stopping foreclosure sale

The Phillips Law Offices has helped many people save their homes by stopping foreclosure sales in both Massachusetts and Maryland. The days of challenging paperwork to save your home are gone. Our firm does not provide false hope to homeowners by suggesting a bank may not have all their paper work in place. This is a strategy with very limited success that some other firms do try which may or may not stop the foreclosure. Instead of taking a stab in the dark, we utilize the law the way it has always been meant to protect homeowners, by taking advantage of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which upon filing of a chapter 13 bankruptcy case requires any foreclosure sale to be automatically stopped. Once that happens, the homeowner then has 5 years to pay back the missed payments.

Some homeowners may be able to negotiate a loan modification with their lender, if they reach out early enough to give the bank time to consider a mortgage modification. However, this is a strategy for those who are not too far behind and often a detailed consultation with an attorney will help determine if negotiation is an good option.

For over 15 years, the Phillips Law Offices has helped consumers keep their homes. You do have the power to save your home if you take the right steps.

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